Santo Domingo

Provincia Santo Domingo Este

Santo Domingo Province is located in the eastern part of the river Ozama, which divides the eastern and western sections of the metropolitan area of ​​Santo Domingo. This province is very active and has a large number of company operations are based in this town offices.

Santo Domingo has several tourist attractions in the country, such as:

El Faro a Colón:
Monument: which hosted the five hundredth anniversary of the discovery of america, I remember it was for the year 1992 for then Pope John Paul II said Mass to commemorate the date.
Museum: it keeps inside where several embassies are no items, documents and objects belonging to various cultures of the world most especially those having to do with the discovery and conquest.
Mausoleum: because it holds the remains of Christopher Columbus discovered America.

The National Aquarium:
Saves multiple pools with samples of the seabed in the different localities in the Dominican Republic, flora and marine life with interesting samples of fish and seabed and the Dominican coast.

Santo Domingo Este, República Dominicana

The Three Eyes:
Three lakes are fed by the underground river Brujuelas, found in a cave a multiple input thereto advisory, really are 4 lakes but the latter was discovered after obtaining his name as the three eyes.

Boca Chica Beach:
It is the most popular beach and common usage of the Dominican people and especially residents in the Dominican capital, by its proximity to Santo Domingo just 30 kilometers from the city center.

Santo Domingo has leisure and recreation areas such as Spain Avenue, the park gazebo this, Lighthouse Avenue and Boulevard Avenue usa. Megacentro also has the largest mall in the Dominican Republic.

For nightlife has a very active life in Venezuela with several disco Avenue, bars, cinema, restaurant, colmadones and shops and pizza.

This is Santo Domingo International Airport of the Americas in Santo Domingo which is the commercial airport passengers and most important of the Dominican Republic. They are also the most modern commercial port is the port country Punta Caucedo Multimodal, marina and the San Sousi and Hippodrome Hippodrome V Centenario has the only Dominican Republic.


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