Santo Domingo

Capital Dominicana

Santo Domingo is the capital of Dominican Republic, is the commercial hub, has an estimated population 3 million inhabitants, is divided into 4 districts that are: National District, Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo Santo Domingo North and West.

Santo Domingo is a very active both day, and night, mainly the area that includes the National District is where the main offices of large companies, and gives the majority of central government offices and the presidential palace.

Another reason why it is so active the Santo Domingo National District corresponding to is because it is the center from where they leave or return all transport routes both of the other districts of the Dominican capital, and peoples of the interior. In the city of Santo Domingo is the Rio Ozama, the main river in the capital and one of the main river in the country.

Casa de Gobierno, Santo Domingo

On the Rio Ozama we can find 4 major bridges of Santo Domingo which are: Francisco del Rosario Sánchez (bridge 17), Professor Juan Bosch Bridge, Juan Pablo Duarte Bridge, Matias Ramon Mella Bridge (bridge cycling) and the floating bridge. these bridges link the eastern part of the district with the national.

Opposite the floating bridge, which is a bridge formed by the binding of 2 barges, we can find the entrance to the colonial area which is part of the city that keeps the historical relic of the discovery of new world, Not only is the oldest part of the Dominican city but is the first city in America, declared World Heritage by UNESCO where the first cathedral of America, The First University, of America, The National Pantheon, The First Stone Street of America, The First American Commercial Street, The Palace of the Viceroys, The ruins of the First Hospital of America, among other important historical monuments.

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