References and Experiences Moving to Dominican Taxi Driver

The best way to know the quality of services offered, in our case taxi services, shuttle and private transportation in the Dominican Republic, is to know the references of people who have been using this service, the external references are important, because they depend directly on those offering the service. Here are some of our references:

71 thoughts on “References and Experiences Moving to Dominican Taxi Driver”

  1. Hello I need to quote transfer from airport to Palladium Punta Cana, we 9 adults and 3 children (one of 4 years you have to go in children's chair). The trip is from the 30/09 to the 08/10. Round-trip option. Thanks!

    1. Good lord alex rodriguez

      Thank you for your email

      The price of the transfer to Punta Cana Airport Hotel Palladium is $140.00 dollars back and their return that is the whole group.

      We would like to help Thanks.

  2. A superb luxury transfers punctuality and friendliness by drivers. Excellent service worthy of recommending. Super comfortable vehicles.

  3. My name is William and I'm Ivan Soto Valverde from Costa Rica. In the week of 2 to the 11 December, I received excellent service and very friendly Valdemar Malachi (Taxista Dominicano), wherefore I would recommend their services to any who wish to visit the Dominican Republic. This was our first trip to R.D., my wife and my daughter 8 years old, and all the time we receive the guidance and very good treatment of Valdemar. From Costa Rica, thank you very much Valdemar, and remember, God willing and possibly, we'll be back in the 2014.

    Attentively; William Iván Soto Valverde, Francela Salazar and Maria Paula Soto Jiménez Salazar.

  4. Lords, I recommend this transportation service in Dominican Republic. In these times when there is some concern in our country for the crime index, We provide a safe, decent and above all extremely timely, unit clean and everything looks new.

    Thank you that are bringing back the right to enjoy our country!!!, A very affectionate greeting to Mr. Valdemar.

    Lucy & Donny Baker
    Dallas, Tx

  5. We arrived to Santo Domingo with a group of friends waiting for us on time bachata and Felix, the carefully addressed to accommodate our luggage and move to the hotel, met the city, took us to La Romana, Punta Cana and Punta Cana back from the airport in Santo Domingo to pure Bachata!!!

    I have only to thank and recommend your kindness and correction !!!
    I hope to visit and use without a doubt its Unbeatable Service!!!!

  6. We just got back from Dominican Republic with a group of friends and we're really happy, transfers from the Roman Sto.Domingo, from there to Punta Cana and finally return to Sto.Domingo, were clean and on time. A special thanks to our driver, Felix we stand all the way to the group of 12!

    1. Goodnight Lady Monica

      Thank you for choosing our service and Felix is ​​very happy with your comment, are the things that motivate us every day to try to better serve.

      Thank you for entrusting your transfers in Dominican Republic

      1. Sr Malaquias ,
        I want to thank you for the shuttle service impeccable and the good vibes and willingness of Mr Felix in Dominican Rep. Really recommended!!!!
        Thank you very much , made our stay in your country is great.
        Until next time. Regards

  7. Latest Domincan Republic we want to thank the service we were providing a group of people and treated us very well, greetings to Felix especially bachata and always get to watch, Greetings from Argentina and recommend.

  8. I'm from Argentina, engaging the services via the Internet, the trip to Santo Domingo was built fell round. Just arrived at Santo Domingo was waiting Mr Cristian transfer us to the taxi, is such that what is seen in photos. The driver was excellent and no objection or no way back. Therefore the service in terms of schedule adherence, QoS, both driver and car is perfect so just come to my country will send an email d thanks. If I had to go back to Dominican Republic would contract this service again without hesitation and would recommend to any traveler!!!

    1. Good Night Mr. Gustavo How are?

      First of all thank you very much for taking our country as their destination for rest and for using our services for your shipments to their destinations.

      Christian is very pleased with your comment, sends greetings as they are here with me.

      Thank you very much for your confidence to move in Dominican Republic

    2. Mr. Estimadísimos: Surely you agree to the nosotros but surely if Felix. A friendly greeting and moved from Puntagorda, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain Javier and Elena. Were fascinates with the service provided by you, most notably by Felix. We want to hear from him and greeted him on our side. We have not forgotten, ni su Hermoso parents. I am aware of the elections and many things we talked about our trip. Someday we will. We have been very pleased with your services. Tell Felix and Javier and Elena (hahahaha its suegrita) we have forgotten him. A hug Javier and Elena

      1. Good morning How are Mr. Javier?

        We are extremely pleased to have this impression of our services, Felix is ​​very happy with this reference of you, really is a co-worker not an employee hehehe, if I remember you came to the February.

        Thanks again and we hope to repeat the visit

        Greetings from Dominican Republic

  9. Thanks for the excellent service. Felix was waiting for us when we arrived and inclusive appeared early the day of our departure. I keep their data to re-use the service when you return to Santo Domingo. It also will recommend to my friends and family. Greetings from Columbia, MD.

    1. Good Night Lady Erin How are?

      We are delighted that he has satisfied the service provided by us for their transfers in Santo Domingo, Felix I saw the comment and is very pleased with the same.

      We hope to return to the Dominican Republic


  10. Thanks again Valdemar.. you’re the man !
    As always the best service with the cheapest rate. I really thank you for pick me up and take me to the airport.
    For the past threee years and for the ones to come I will be using your service. There is nobody able to beat you, so please remain as always.

    See you next trip.

    Thanks again .. Valdemar you're the man!
    As always the best service with the cheapest fare. Really thanks for picking me up and take me to the airport.
    For the past threee years and the next I will use your service. No one can beat, so please continue as usual.

    See you on the next trip.

    1. Hello Sir Fidel ¿how are you?

      Glad you liked our services and thanks for the references that leaves us on every trip, encourages us to grow every day.

      With your permission we have the translation of his commentary on the Spanish, because it is the language of the program we have installed and does the translation into English and other language automatically.

      Thank you for your confidence in us.

      We hope to return soon as ever…


  11. Thanks Valdemar I want to give the courtesy to say hello to Felix was very friendly and strong kiss from Italy ….. grazieeeeeeeeeeeee fuonziona the cd and FELIX …..

    1. We thank you likewise for placing their trust in us.

      Felix is ​​very happy with your comment sends a hug, hope to have you back again in the Dominican Republic.


  12. The 7 March 2012 01:37, tomi wrote glez sources:
    Returned to the hotel.
    The tour has been a very good recommendation,had not been the same without his advice.
    It was a very nice trip in the company of our protector,Luis, a part of good car stereo,and and,ha estado en todo momento pendiente de nosotros,attending our whims,his company has been very satusfactoria.
    Be assured that from now on will be our guides favorite.
    Tomi and grupete.
    A very affectionate greeting to D.Luis (War and four forty)….I love!lol.

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. We are happy that's the impression you have of our services, hope to have them again for Dominican Republic.

      Louis is very pleased with your comments and sends greetings from here.

      See you soon.

  13. Very good service. Felix was always punctual and friendly, even when he had to pick us up in the middle of the night to take us to the airport. Most recommendable.
    Greetings from Lia and Roberto from Argentina.

    1. Good morning Mr. Roberto

      Thank you very much for your comment about the transport service being done by Felix.

      Greetings from Dominican Republic

  14. Dear Valdemar:

    We are grateful for their services. Felix was very reliable and friendly with us, we have the best memories of you and your professionalism and certainly will recommend.

    Felipe Villalon and Alejandra Rosales

    1. Lord Philip, Lady Alejandra

      Thank you very much for your confidence in us and for taking these lines that motivate us to strive to try to offer a service that meets your expectations when visiting Dominican Republic.

      We expect a repeat visit to the country, Felix is ​​very pleased with your praise.

  15. Valdema I commend him for his professionalism, punctuality and responsibility.
    Mr Luis sent us to bring us to the dawn from Santo Domingo airport.
    It's a very polite gentleman and helped us with the enormous amount of luggage we were carrying.
    Greetings from Argentina and if I return to there without a doubt the requests!

    1. Thank you very much for your confidence in our transport service for their movements in the Dominican Republic, We are very happy to have a high regard for the quality of our services.

      We hope to have you back soon in the country.

      Greetings from Dominican Republic

  16. We're really pleased with the service, Felix was a very cordial and respectful excellent driver, I congratulate you for the quality of service and all the presonas that we were well looked.
    Excellent parents.
    Francisco Quintero

    1. Good morning How are Mr Francisco?

      Thank you for your confidence in us

      We are pleased that this is your impression about our services for their movements in the Dominican Republic.

      Felix is ​​very happy with this reference that you have placed and something that really pleases us is that it brings good reference of the Dominican Republic in general, hope to have the opportunity to have him back.

      Greetings to all the family

    2. Good morning, I wanted to acknowledge how well they treated me and my family on arrival got to Mr. John very careful and precise, the trip really was a pleasure mr nice, and also return the timeliness kingdom, thank you very much to your company and its workers are no complaints on the contrary a deep appreciation we thank you very much in the account for our return.

      1. Good morning Madam Solange

        We're glad that's the impression you have of our transportation services and expect a repetition of his coming into the country.
        John the driver who performed the transfer with you, I like this very happy with your message.

        Please take into account

        Greetings from Dominican Republic

  17. Valdemar thank you very much for the shuttle to lend us for the trip in Rep. Dominican, was safe and reliable taxi drivers have shared with us your cargo transported and also was very interesting to know a little history of the island country that they communicated with us during the airport transfer.

    feliz dia.

    1. We are very glad that you are satisfied with the transportation services provided by us during your stay in the country, back hope to see you and other members of his family.

      Thank you for your confidence in us

      A warm greetings from Dominican Republic

  18. The 20 December 2011 15:22, Paco Sanchez wrote:

    Hello Mr.. Valdemar Malachi, I wish to express my satisfaction with the service we have offered and more specifically, by LUIS driver who greeted us very warmly.

    1. Thank you very much Mr. Paco for this comment, we want to maintain that standard from people who hire our services, luis the driver who has completed the transfer is very happy with this reference on your behalf.


  19. Nothing more to be thankful for the care, has been an excellent choice to coordinate the transfers with you while we were in the Dominican Republic.

    Extends thanks to Felix told us that he knows the country and cast us feel very comfortable. We regret the change agenda but not on the plans of the Conference when we coordinate schedules and understand that the delay of the last transfer was completely alien to your will.

      1. Best wishes Mr. Jose Luis

        Felix has had knowledge of your comment and is very happy that this reference by you.

        Greetings from the Dominican Republic and we hope to have you back soon.

  20. Good, A week ago we got a group of six people to Santo Domingo and I want to thank you for the excellent service offered makes taxi from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana and vice versa. The car is in excellent condition, driver (Castle) was very professional and above all safety! THANKS! I patch this taxi service to all…also offer good rates.

    Greetings From New York

    1. Mrs Jenny thank you very much for the review of our country, by the references of our transport services and for your confidence in us for their transfers.

      We hope to return soon.

  21. Sr. Valdemar Malachi:

    It's over 1 week since we returned from your beautiful country, and had a sensational Whole Family, rest a lot and we had very good weather, despite pessimistic forecasts were, according to various websites.

    I am writing to thank you for the excellent service, especially the friendliness of its staff, responsibility foolproof, timely and appropriate cost. Surely in the future will require your attention again.

    I highly recommend it.

    I cordially dismissal, Always wishing you the best.

    Atte., Ricardo y Familia Neumann, from Chile.

    1. Hello Sir Richard How are?

      We are pleased that this is the impression has been taken from the Dominican Republic and our services, thank you very much for the confidence placed in us.

      A warm greeting from the Dominican Republic for you and your family members.

    1. We are glad you have this concept of our transport services.

      Mr. Raphael has been the person who performed the transfer with you in the Dominican Republic and like all of us have been very happy with its recommendations.

      Thank you very much

  22. We are a group of volunteers began a new initiative in the community. A blog that provides valuable information to work . You've done a great job!

    1. Thank you very much for making our job reference, we are glad that we have taken into account we hope soon to have him back.

      Greetings from Dominican Republic

  23. From Colombia.
    Excellent service, always very punctual, real good price and people dearest. Felix, our driver, besides being an excellent driver was a very good company. The recommendation that we made about Gustavo to go to Saona Island, could not be better. Thanks.
    Visitors: Gloria and Lina

    1. Hello Miss Lina

      Felix has been happy to have received this comment and express myself at all times he was part of the group on all shipments, with friends, We are very grateful and pleased to have placed their trust in us.

      Gustavo is a dear friend which we return very good references

      Thank you very much

  24. I appreciate the good service for you in the Dominican Republic
    They are very friendly and met all the routes
    Felix who was our driver was a very kind person
    Greetings from Colombia
    Lina Cristina y Gloria Gloria

    1. Good morning Madam Gloria

      We are glad you have returned to their country well, and we thank you for using our services to move across the Dominican Republic.

      Felix is ​​very pleased to have received this comment

  25. Professional service, courteous, very nice and good rates, not have to look anywhere else for taxi service. Greetings to Valdemar and Augustine from Puerto Rico.

    Raul “Raulín” Rodriguez & family.

    If you’re traveling to Dominican Republic, look no further for taxi service. These guys are trustworthy, dependable, offer adequate pricing, and a definite pleasure to ride with.

    1. Hello Sir Raul greetings to you and your family

      Thank you very much for your recommendations that we hope to repeat the visit soon, can you have friends in Dominican Republic.

      Agustin and I are very grateful for the references expressed by you on our transport services.

  26. Dear Valdemar,

    I wanted to write to thank him for the attention that was with us and the service was very good with Luis. Of course you will always be our guides for the Dominican Republic 🙂

    Thank you very much!



    1. Hey Lady How are Andrea?

      Thanks for having the confidence and give us the opportunity to provide transportation services in Dominican Republic.

      Luis was very happy to have received from you this comment.

  27. Good, I greet especially Mr.. Valdermar; I want to express through this on behalf of my family and myself our satisfaction with the service we, Taxi drivers are only true guides, and besides being responsible, serious and punctual in his work, help and care about every detail or request to meet, highly recommend, and will not hesitate to contact them on a future visit. I must also point out that certainly excellent service and a Mr. Valdemar Malachi offers the best rates, in our particular case the transfers were from Las Americas Airport to the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, then from there to Punta Cana, and finally Punta Cana Airport Las Americas, I must say that despite the distance shipments were super nice, for all heavy; take the opportunity to send greetings to Felix, our driver, and to extend to him our entire satisfaction and recommendation, gave us a really excellent service, and with much love and joy.

    A big hello, wish them every success, because they really deserve it!

    Luisana, Venezuela.

    1. Hey Lady How are Luisana?

      A Greeting from Dominican Republic, thank you who have placed their trust in us to his travels in the Country, my cousin Felix is ​​very happy with this message as I, motivates us to believe that it is worth serving.

      This reference to our services, helps us a lot to people like you have a baseline when deciding to make your transfers with us.

      Thank you very much

  28. Good night!
    To thank you for the excellent transportation service, Christian the driver a very accomplished and very friendly they recommend. Do not hesitate to take this service very good rates and reliability…
    A special greeting for Christian part of the whole family…Valeria,Luciana….

    1. Thank you very much Mr. Humberto express their experiences about the services provided by Christian transport, he has read his comment is very happy with its recommendations and sends greetings you and your family.

      Thank you for your confidence in our transport services, for any movement in the Dominican Republic.

  29. Many thanks for your services. I will recommend you always have the opportunity given its timeliness, service quality, driver attention, travel safety , comfort of the vehicles. Again Valdemar thousand and a thousand thanks and a special greeting to our driver Augustine

    1. Jorge thank you very much for your comments, Augustine extends her greetings to you and your lady.

      Thank you for putting your trust in us for their journeys between Santo Domingo and Punta Cana in Dominican Republic, These words mean a lot to us.

  30. Hello very good morning Don valdemar

    I wanted to thank q and I had the opportunity to meet the Finnish q q believe his nephew tube were enough and all we have been very happy porq q is what we had hoped we hope to return soon MOZA carefully ELY
    We wondered how we were an with transport and note q will recommend.

    I forgot a greeting q cousin Felix was very helpful and very nice I q q he made our trip more fun thanks for all lots of hugs from us ELY, TRUE , YEYMi , JESSICA , MARTITA

    1. I'm glad you had that impression of the Dominican Republic and our treatment, can you have friends here who will be your other house.

      Cousin Felix will post news of their mid-morning, I think it has to be sleeping at this time since it was late at night in Punta Cana.

  31. Good morning,

    I have used the services of Valdemar Malachi ago 10 days and it was perfect. Everything was arranged in advance by e-mail. The driver was very friendly and very professional, always on time. It was a pleasure working with you. For my next trip, will contact them.

    1. Hello Lady Annaïse

      Thank you infinitely your recommendation and confidence in our transport, for any movement in the Dominican Republic.

      You can count on our services.

  32. Greetings from Miami!

    Recently returned from our trip to this beloved country and wanted to convey our sincere thanks for your excellent service, always punctual and very hospitable, always making us feel like we're at home.

    A special greeting to our beloved Felix kindly, patient and loving. Thank you very much again for everything.

    Mercedes to Jeannette

    1. The truth is that to be honest we would not know to say, seems that the hosts have been you, thank you very much for your confidence in us for their transfers.

      Felix has been very happy with this comment, a greeting from her other home, Dominican Republic.

  33. In 2009 pleaneado had a trip to the Dominican Rep for this shifting Sto Domingo- Roundtrip Punta Cana. As a foreigner did not have the slightest idea of ​​how the movement worked there, costs, tract and less taxi prices there in Dominican. Searching the internet found Valdemar, hidicmos contact you and an agreement to lend me that the taxi service. Everything worked perfectly. Valdemar and his team of people I did the movements of Santo Domingo to Punta Cana and days after I picked up at Punta Cana airport to return to Santo Domingo. The rates were compared against the best rates locally and also there that I always had a board of which were the best places to visit, safe places, latest prices and tour guide all I needed at no additional cost.
    Now the 2011 I returned to Santo Domingo and certainly hire again Valdemar services. As usual rates are the best, but above all is the confidence and security that you have to hire a person as the.
    I recommend it to any tourist visiting the Dominican Republic, its seriousness, fulfillment, rates and as I said earlier in the trust and confidence you have to use their vehicles. You will always have the best guide to which places to go, which areas not to go, which restaurants are good and should be done to save some bucks.
    Thank you for your services Valdemar.

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