Las Terrenas

Samana, Región NorteLas Terrenas is a town in the province of Samana or Samana as it is commonly called in Dominican Republic. It belongs to the region north of the country.

Las Terrenas is was until recently a small fishing village with its over now 15 kilometers of practically virgin beach, has become in recent years into an important tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic.

There are a variety of services such as Las Terrenas Hotels, Villas, Restaurants, Transport, Excursions, Taxi, among other services.

The beach of Las Terrenas is very relaxing, is surrounded by abundant flora, quiet and cool during most of the year, throughout the Samana area occurs naturally a lot of planting coconut, which have exploited the natives, to develop a variety of products and handicrafts from coconut fruit.

The kitchen also uses this fruit so exquisite, in combination with the benevolence of the sea, by matching the coconut fruit with fish in the locality known is very tasty and Fish with Coconut.

Other major attraction in Las Terrenas are excursions to see the humpback whales mating, is an incredible show of seduction and mating, are about to visit to Samana near 3000 individuals between the months of December and April each year, from North America, Canada, Iceland and Greenland.

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  1. Hello, Las Terrenas is a beautiful place to watch the kids while parents tour.

    This private residence in, clean, many juguettes, lunch included, good teacher, bouncy castle and much more! call us 829-820-5794

  2. Hola Valdemar:

    Following a telephone conversation, I confirm arrival in Santo Domingo in the month of March in the Iberia flight from Madrid, The airport will americas and need a taxi to Las Terrenas in Samana. We will 2 people.

    Thank you for your attention
    A cordial saludo

    1. Hi, Mr. Martinez, I sent a private message with all matters relating to the reserve for transfer, the total cost for this transfer by private transportation is 170 U.S. dollars or its equivalent in Dominican pesos, valid until 4 people traveling at the same hotel in Las Terrenas, Please confirm that you have received the message via the same pathway and that the data are correct.

      Thank you for choosing.

  3. Good,

    Need a ride from Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas. We 2 people and our flight arrives in the afternoon to the airport in Santo Domingo.


    1. Hello Mr. Javier

      For this move you need to pass the Highway John Paul II, ranging from the Las Americas Highway to the intersection of Mill, traveling a distance of 250 miles around to reach the town of Sanchez and climb the mountain in Las Terrenas.

      This move has a total cost of 170 valid for U.S. dollars 4 people that go to the same destination hotel or private transport.

      Thank you for consulting

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